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These 5 maintenance tips could save you $1,000’s

We value your home.  This is why we are providing you with “10 maintenance tips that could save you $1000’s”.  Home maintenance is something that often slips our mind amidst our busy schedules and hectic lives. The regular cooking, laundry, and cleaning is something that consumes a significant amount of time in our routines but a little effort from your end can save you a lot of money when the time for repair arises. Just like your car, even your home needs regular tune-ups to help it go a long way.

Here are ten home maintenance tips that will help you save your wallet and help your home live a healthy life.

1. Roof

It is important to examine your roof periodically and check for damages as well as for fading, damaged, or gravel-less shingles. Any such shingles need to be replaced as quickly as possible. If not noticed and taken care of at an early stage, it could lead to leaks inside the home and the situation could call to replace your roof, water-damaged trusses, or drywall when you finally discover the leak. In the event of roof penetrations, pay extra attention to shingles that surround your skylights, chimneys, and vents. These are the areas that are the most vulnerable to leaks.

2. Gutters 

Cleaning out the gutters even when they seem okay is a great practice. Improper drainage could bring your home unnecessary flooding. One of the biggest causes of water accumulation around the house is the lack of proper gutter maintenance and water diversion. Gutters are the main line of that drain and protect your foundation and siding from the elements.

3. Plumbing

To ensure that you have freely flowing water, throughout your home, you should do the following things:

  • You should know the things that clog your drain. For example, fats and oils that solidify at room temperature can clog your drain. If the oil is spilled down the drain or you wash fats down the drain, you can use hot water and dishwashing liquids to clear the pipes. Soaps emulsify the fat or oil and move it down the pipe and prevent a clog.
  • Use a water strainer for the bathtub and sink drain. Oils and fats accumulate fast and are the main sources of clogs in kitchens as is hair in the bathroom.
  • Make an announcement to everyone in your home that they shall never pour fats and oils down the drain.

4. Air Conditioners

Many of us have learned the hard way that the Air Conditioner units are usually the most overlooked appliances and expensive when it comes to home maintenance. You should inspect the condensation hose and make sure that water flows freely from the line. Also if there is water stagnant in the condensation line drain, then you should create a drainage path by using a small garden trowel. A good idea is to use this and line a path with gravel to ensure that mold and algae stop forming.

Use a qualified heating and cooling contractor to clean and service the outside unit. Clean the coils for the air conditioner to operate efficiently and make the annual service call to keep your systems working at its peak performance levels. Make sure to change the interior filters regularly.

5. Faucets

Leaky faucets are caused by worn out washers. The washers inside the faucet handles are rubber and tend to wear out quickly. To replace these washers turn off the main water supply and unscrew the leaky handle that controls the flow of water to the spout. Remove the old washer and replace with new.

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