Code Violations

What to do if you receive a county code violations for your home.

With over 6,000 known blighted properties in Miami Dade County, and probably an additional 20,000 not yet declared blighted, city officials have recently discovered they can bring in new revenues from code violation fines. The fines force property owners to make repairs which eventually brings in more revenue to the City because repairs lead to higher property values and higher assessments. 

This means there is a good chance your residential or commercial property can be cited for code violations, even if you believe your property is in good shape. What will surprise you is the amount of the fines, which can easily be $5,000 to $10,000 per property. 

Miami Dade County Building Code Enforcement

Miami-Dade County enforces building activity that includes unsafe structures, work without existing or active permits and more.

Enforcement remedies that are available to obtain compliance vary depending on the nature of the violation, the types of evidence obtained in documenting the violation and the severity of the health or environmental threat posed by the violation and the intent to commit the violation.  

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