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Build Your Pre Construction Checklist to Ensure Best Practice

Great execution always starts with a solid foundation.  This may sound a bit cliche but when you are protecting the safety of your family and possibly the largest investment of your life, you may want to hire a professional General Contractor that take these two topics seriously.  A checklist will help you get off on the right track.

The pre-construction checklist should include every possible scenario and contingency that the team may encounter during a project. This plan is formed through a mix of expertise and experience, but the final plan will be completely unique to the specific job.

The planning period of construction is known as pre-construction, and careful planning with an experienced contractor will be important to the success of the finished project.

There are many pre construction planning stages that a contractor will need to have in mind with their client to ensure that a project is executed on time and on budget:

To take the guesswork out of what is happening behind the scenes during this pre construction phase, here is a quick list of topics to have in mind during the construction planning stages.

The Planning Stages of Pre Construction

  • Initial Meeting Between Client & Contractor

  • Define the Objectives of the Project

  • A Detailed Project Scope

  • Setting a Budget

  • Setting a Schedule

  • The Initial Schematic Design

  • Analysis of the Construction Site

  • Procurement Management

  • Acquiring the Proper Approvals



As you can see, there are numerous stages to proper pre construction planning.  With time, as we build out our blog, we will give detailed information on each of these topics.

For additional information on these steps, please visit our Blog – Latest News area of our website.  We hare happy to help and discover the best options for your project.

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