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How You Can Prepare for Hurricane Season

Hurricane Preparedness in Miami:

Hurricane season may come around every year, but that doesn’t make it any less terrifying. Even if you’ve been through your fair share of hurricane evacuations, there’s no such thing as being too prepared. Whether you’ve just moved out here to Miami or you’ve been a resident for years, today’s blog is for you. The team at Tomas Luis Building Contractor is going to provide you with a two-part blog series on how you can better prepare for hurricane season. Let’s dive in.

Plan for Evacuation

While it may not seem like the ideal outcome, being evacuated prior to a hurricane hitting is going to be much better than being stuck in your home. That being said, it’s always good to create a plan for evacuation to ensure that, if given the opportunity, you can do so swiftly. From packing a bag with items that you’d like to bring to determining the route that you’re going to take and where you’ll go, spending some time planning for evacuation is a must.

In the case of an evacuation, there will be some instructions that are given from the government, but aside from that, you need to be ready to follow through with the evacuation plans you’ve made in advance.

Stock Non-Perishable Items

As with any natural disaster, non-perishable items are a significant part of the planning process. It’s always good to make sure that you have supplies set aside at all times, not only when hurricane warnings have been put in place. By preparing ahead of time, you won’t be one of the many individuals rushing to the store to gather up supplies.

Just a few of the items that you should be putting away to prepare for hurricane season are:

  • Three-day supply of water
  • Canned foods
  • First-aid kit
  • Candles
  • Batteries
  • Flashlight
  • Matches
  • Basic tools
  • NOAA weather radio
  • Blankets

The list above is definitely a great place to start in terms of supplies that you can set aside, but there are definitely unique items that your family may need to set aside as well. A prime example of this would be medication or food for any pets.

Again, if you’ve been through a couple of hurricane seasons, you know that there isn’t exactly a set amount of days or hours that you could wind up taking cover. That is why it’s always good to be overly prepared in regards to perishable items and water, but also in blankets, socks, jackets, and the like. When there’s no power and a major storm coming through, temperatures can drop, and it’s crucial that you’re prepared.

Tomas Luis Building Contractor is Here for You

Being prepared is something that you can do in terms of supplies within your home, but it’s essential to recognize that your home can also be a part of the preparation process. Tomas Luis Building Contractor loves being able to provide Miami with the supplies that they need to feel safe during a hurricane. Learn more about the services we offer and don’t wait until a hurricane is in front of or behind us to make the call.

Make sure to check out our second blog post where we cover additional ways that you can start to prepare for hurricane season.

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